of the indie pop movement

 3 Beads of Sweat
 A Bouncing Space
 A Turntable Friend
 A West Side Fabrication
 Absolutely Kosher
 Ace Fu
 Acuarela Discos
 Airborne Virus
 Ambiguous City
 American Brothers
 Analog Baroque
 Animal World
 Arch Hill
 Arena Rock
 Asian Man
 Audio Information
 Audrey's Diary
 Aurora Seven
 Ba Da Bing!
 Baby Pea
 Bar None
 Beep Repaired
 Bees Make Honey
 Best Friends
 Best Kept Secret
 Better Looking
 Blackbean and Placenta
 Blanco Y Negro
 Brave Noise
 Bring On Bull
 Bus Stop
 Carrot Top
 Channel Production
 Chapter Music
 Chemikal Underground
 Cher Doll
 Cherry Red
 Chocolat Art
 Chocolat Art Returns
 Chocolate Hearts
 Coming In Second
 Cooking Vinyl
 Cream Cone
 Creeping Bent
 Crunchy Frog
 Damaged Goods
 Dark Beloved Cloud
 De Cuny
 Double Agent
 Drag City
 Dutch Courage
 Eenie Meenie
 Electric Frog

 Elephant 6
 Elephant Stone
 Emperor Norton
 Energy Castle
 Eskimo Kiss
 Fabulous Friends
 Ferric Mordant
 First Time, The
 Flavour of Sound
 Flying Nun
 Fortuna Pop
 Fortune & Glory
 Four Letter Words
 Friendly Noise
 Future Farmer
 Galaxy Train
 Garden of Delights
 GBB Pop
 Grabaciones en El Mar
 Grand Theft Autumn
 Half A Cow
 Happy Happy Birthday to Me
 Happy Travel Bus
 Has Anyone Ever Told You
 Houston Party
 Hub City
 In A Lighthouse
 Invicta HiFi
 Jade Tree
 Johnny Kane
 Kitty Boo
 Kitty Kitty
 L'Appareil Photo | 2
 Late Anoraker
 Left Bank
 Le Grand Magistery | 2
 Lil' Chief
 Lil' Lion
 Lilydale | 2
 Little Pad
 Little Shirley Beans
 Little Star
 Little Teddy
 Living, Dining & Kitchen
 Long Lost Cousin
 Lost Arts
 Magic Marker
 Marsh Marigold
 Martian Mode
 Midsummer Madness
 Mini Tenor
 Minty Fresh
 Minty Fresh Japan
 Misplaced Music
 Motorway | 2 | 3
 Movie Star
 Mr. Lady
 Mr. Whiggs
 Mushroom Pillow
 My Mean Magpie
 Natural Foundation
 Not Lame
 On a Balcony
 Paris Caramel

 Perfect Pop
 Pickled Egg
 Pillarbox Red
 Planting Seeds
 Pop Art
 Poster Girl
 Primeros Pasitos
 Prison Jazz
 Radio Khartoum
 Rainbow Quartz
 Red Carpet Ring
 Rhythm Barrel
 Rough Trade
 Rough Trade America
 Sarah | 2 | 3
 Sealed Fate
 Secret Crush
 Secret Owl
 Secretly Canadian
 Self-Starter Foundation
 Shut Eye
 Silver Girl
 Simple Machines
 Skinny Chest
 Sky Blue
 Spirit of 86
 Steady Cam
 Stop, Pop, and Roll
 Strange Fruit
 Sugar Free
 Suicide Squeeze
 Summersound | 2
 Talent Show
 Tea Time
 Temporary Residence
 The First Time
 This Happy Feeling
 This Heart Plays
 Too Pure
 Track & Field Organization
 Trolley Bus
 Twee Kitten
 Umpire Records
 Unnecessary Friction
 Vaudeville Park
 Village Vert
 Vinyl Japan
 Vital Cog
 Vroom Sound
 Wizzard In Vinyl
 Woodson Lateral
 Words on Music

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